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Like many others, I am a very nervous dental patient and after suffering pain for over two years, I plucked up the courage to visit Hertfordshire Dental Specialists for an initial consultancy.
I left that meeting with hope and encouragement that the pain could be removed and my smile could be restored.

Russell Tant and his team have been absolutely wonderful; supportive, understanding and totally considerate of my needs.

I trusted Russell Tant from day one. Very early into my treatment plan he made a model to demonstrate what my teeth would look like when the treatment was complete. I never lost sight of this goal as Russell Tant stepped me through the treatment plan.

I am absolutely delighted with the outcome. This has been a life changing evening for me:

  • My self confidence is back
  • My health has significantly improved as I can now enjoy a balanced diet including the acidic fruits that I was not able to eat prior to my treatment
  • I feel years younger (I am told that I look younger as well!)

The overall results look stunning; much better than I had imagined. When I reflect back the skill and professionalism just speaks volumes.

In my experience, I can say that Hertfordshire Dental Specialists is highly professional with a true customer focus. The staff and Consultants are very patient and caring and they deliver fantastic results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hertfordshire Dental Specialists.

With many thanks,

Mrs Edit Gardener

I am pleased to recommend this practice.

Recently I had two fillings done by Dr Russell Tant, without injections, (not for everyone) but it was done superbly.

Yesterday, I had an implant to my lower right jaw, by Dr Will Murphy, ably assisted by Farah and Roya. This time, of course I had the injections, which I did not feel. The procedure went superbly and I was given pain killers. When the anaesthetic wore off, I had no pain and have not had since, amazing when my jaw bone was obviously drilled for the titanium stud.

This morning, (please enter your name) on reception called me to see how I was feeling. Awesome actually! This is service as it should be.

I have completed just over a years treatment with Simon, and I had some challenging restorative dentistry after my accident. Being a perfectionist, I was always going to be difficult to please! My treatments went smoothly and the end result AMAZING!

I highly recommend Simon for his wonderful technical abilities, friendly and kind nature.

Everyone at the Hertfordshire Dental Specialists are super helpful. I live over an hour away but it is well worth the journey!

Thank you Simon and everyone who helped me regain my smile.

After years of suffering with ill-fitting dentures and the loss of all my confidence, Hertfordshire Dental Specialists was recommended to me. After a consultation with Mr Tant I now have dentures that not just look good, they fit so well and I can now eat out with confidence. I would tell anyone who has the same problems as I had that they will be able to help and put them at ease.
Mrs E Blanks

I was referred to Hertfordshire Dental Specialists by my previous surgery, I am an extremely nervous patient after having a disastrous experience at a Private Dentists in Hitchin.

From day one of arriving at the surgery and meeting the receptionists who were so welcoming and then having my consultation with Russell Tant I was actually looking forward to my treatment starting!!
He showed me some before and after pictures of patients that have had a similar history to me of losing all my top teeth following an illness.

My only hope now was to have implant surgery that would take approx. 18 months to restore my smile and my confidence. After always being frightened in the past, my first procedure was fantastic, I not only was calm throughout but I was even looking forward to my next appointment and closer to my goal.

Russell Tant has the most professional, caring soft nature that gives you nothing but confidence in the treatment he has planned for you, the time he takes to explain everything to you and making sure that you are as happy and confident in the end result as he was… I am now in the final stages of my treatment.

My two lengthy visits with Will Murphy who carried out all the implant surgery were much less scary than I had imagined, again I think that it is more his professionalism and calming nature that they all seem to have at this surgery, especially the dental nurses who actually make it an almost enjoyable experience.

I cannot wait to have my new smile and regain my confidence, it won’t be long now, even though it’s an hour journey to get here, never again will I go anywhere else to have my dental treatment. NEVER!!! I would refer anybody who wants to receive the best dental treatment you can ask for even if you are unfortunately scared like I was. Russell Tant, Will Murphy, Katrina, Chrissie, Charleigh and the team at Hertfordshire Dental Specialists are Wonderful!!!

Louise Cooper

I would like to say how pleased I am with my crown work, carried out by Simon Critchlow. From start to finish, he was informative and friendly, really putting me at ease throughout the process. My crowns are perfect fits and feel completely natural. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or the Hertfordshire Centre for Dentistry.
Carol Brophy

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