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Endodontics is the dental speciality concerned with treating problems with the dental pulp and its supporting structures. It involves removing infected pulp to help save a tooth from extraction and is a more economical option than replacing it.

Why is root canal therapy necessary?

The pulp is the innermost part of a tooth and consists of soft tissue, nerves and blood vessels. You may need root canal treatment if this pulp becomes inflamed or infected due to bacteria getting into deep cavities, cracks or extensive fillings. If an infection is left untreated, it can lead to pain and the formation of an abscess.

How is the procedure carried out?

We remove the infected pulp under local anaesthetic and clean the canals with an antibacterial solution. We then shape the canals and fill with a rubber compound to keep them sealed and prevent any more bacteria from entering. Finally, the treated tooth is protected with a filling or crown.

Why choose to have specialist endodontic treatment?

Though many practitioners carry out root canal therapy, specialists have higher success rates and can tackle more complex cases. Teeth can often have concealed or difficult to treat roots, which can only be remedied with specialised equipment, expert knowledge and relevant experience.

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