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Dominic qualified with honours from Cardiff University in 2010, which has been followed by a variety of jobs in hospital and general practice, including one year as a senior house officer in oral surgery and medicine at Univer-sity Hospital Wales and another in oral and maxillofacial surgery at Royal Gwent Hospital.

In 2013, Dominic was awarded the Diploma of Membership to the Factuality of Dental Surgeons from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. In 2014, he started training as a specialist in Periodontics by commencing a Masters in Clinical Dentistry (Periodontology) at Guys Hospital, which he is due to complete this year.

Further to his interest in treating periodontal disease, Dominic has an interest in managing patients who require oral surgery. Dominic’s manner with patient’s is calming and reassuring.

He takes the time to explain findings and options to the patient effectively, making sure that the patient is happy with the options and that they are appropriate for their needs. Dominic is a member of the British Society of Periodontology, and has also held a role as the monospeciality trainee representative on the Speciality Registrars in Restorative Dentistry Group committee and Specialist Advisory Committee. Further, Dominic also lectures in periodontics for newly qualified dentists.

Why is oral surgery necessary?

Oral surgery may be required for a number of reasons (see above), but one of the most common procedures is the removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

Your wisdom teeth are the four teeth situated right at the back of your mouth and, as they are the last ones to come through (normally emerging in your late teens or twenties), there may not be sufficient room left in your mouth to allow them to grow through properly. This means they can come through at an angle, get stuck against the tooth in front or only partially emerge. These awkwardly positioned teeth will need to be removed to avoid pain and possible infection.

Why choose specialised oral surgery?

Seeing a specialist oral surgeon will ensure you receive the highest standards of care. You will want any oral surgery to be as precise and painless as possible, and we can help make this a possibility. As an added bonus, if you are particularly concerned, we can administer calming sedation to ease your fears.

General After years of suffering with ill-fitting dentures and the loss of all my confidence, Hertfordshire Centre for Dentistry was recommended to me. After a consultation with Mr Tant I now have dentures that not just look good, they fit so well and I can now eat out with confidence. I would tell anyone who has the same problems as I had that they will be able to help and put them at ease.

Mrs E Blanks
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